Currency Rates
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Free, easy-to-use REST API interface delivering currency exchange rate data
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Free Forex data for hundreds of currencies around the world
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Obtain real-time, accurate and reliable currency exchange rate data for hundreds of worldwide currencies, updated as often as every 60 seconds.

200+ Currencies

Our API is integrated with a number of highly reputable foreign exchange rate sources, offering the most recent accurate rates for 200+ pairs.

Simple, Quick & Reliable

Make use of a scalable infrastructure that can handle anything from a few requests a day up to thousands of API requests per second.

No Credit Card Required

Integrate the API in under 10 minutes without the need for a credit card. You will get 1000 monthly requests for free; premium plans start at $10.

The most complete and straightforward JSON API for your exchange rate data needs

Our foreign exchange rate data API will give you instant access to a host of valuable currency pairs right from the start


ExchangeRates API Pricing Plans

Choose annual billing and save more than 50%.


No Hidden Charges
1000 API CallsHourly UpdatesNo SupportHistorical DataNo Card RequiredSSL Encryption


No Hidden Charges
Basic — includes commercial use with up to 10,000 requests.
10,000 API CallsHourly UpdatesStandard SupportHistorical DataSSL EncryptionAll Base CurrenciesConversion Endpoint

Professional Plan

No Hidden Charges
Professional level — premium features with up to 100,000 monthly requests.
100,000 API Calls10 Minute UpdatesPremium SupportHistorical DataSSL EncryptionAll Base CurrenciesConversion EndpointTime-Series Endpoint

Business Plan

No Hidden Charges
Business Plus level — every feature we have and up to 1,000,000 monthly requests.
1,000,000 API Calls60 seconds UpdatesPremium SupportHistorical DataSSL EncryptionAll Base CurrenciesConversion EndpointTime-Series EndpointFluctuation Endpoint